Monday, 14 June 2010

Well i'm backkkkkkkkkkkk....................

After struggling for what seems like eternity i seem to have my groove back. I have had a succession of losses with no gains for at least 4-5 weeks!!!

I have been very lapse in my dieting/excercise/blogging. However i am back and feeling refreshed, ready to battle this bulge AGAIN~ Whilst i havent given up at any stage i have not been as good as i could of been.

I did the midnight walk, managed to raise £132 for St.Helena Hospice, finished it in 2hrs 33 mins which i am very pleased about and will most definitly be doing it again next year!
Very proud of myself for doing at as this time last year i wouldn't of even contemplated doing it.
I did it with Claire and Laura a couple of the mums from my daughters school, wish id of got a picture to put on here but i wanted to travel light.... haha.

I am not doing so bad on the weight front either had my weigh in today and am finally near the end of the dreaded 14's ............currently weighing 14st 0.5lb.........Soooo close i can taste it!

Next week will definitly be my week, Sarah my leader is on holiday for 2 weeks so we have a replacement leader for that time called Kirsty!
It is my aim to be well into the 13's before Sarah returns possibly even get my next Silver 7.........5.5lb away???
We will see eh?!?!

I think i will list some upcoming mile stones for me see how long it takes me to achieve them:

1~1lb til next stone bracket {NOT BEFORE TIME}.
2~10.5 lb til my 75lb loss cert & 35.5 lb til 100lb loss cert with WW.
3~5.5 lb til next Silver 7 {13.9}
4~13.11 = 6.5 st loss
5~13.4= 7 st loss
6~13.2= Silver 7
7~12.11= 7.5st loss
8~12.9= Silver 7
9~12.4= 8st loss
10~12.2= Silver 7
11~11.11= 8.5st loss
12~11.9= Silver 7
13~11.4= 9st loss
14~11.2= Silver 7
15~10.11= 9.5st loss
16~10.9= Silver 7
17~10.4=10st loss
18~10.2= Silver 7
19~9.11=10.5st loss
20~9.9= Silver 7 & GOAL!!!!!!!!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Weigh in & NSV.........

I woke up pretty early this morning even managed to straighten my hair and despite knowing i was going to gain maybe 1/2 - 1 lb i was feeling pretty motivated.
Well i got to weigh in and asked to be weighed before hand as opposed to after the meeting {as i am a clerk} i actually put on 1.5 lb :-( 
I didn't expect it to be that much BUT it has been my own fault - Gone over points most days and not excercised hardly atall!

So i draw a line under that and now weighing 14st 9lb i need to really knuckle down if i want to get to my goal of being in the 13's for my birthday, Which to be fair looks bleak now 10lb in 4 weigh ins??? Not likely is it?
I will however do my best, i have stuck to my meal plan so far with exception of a milky way and a bread roll with my i should just still be within my points as i havent had my dessert yet! 
I have to say it was lush but very garlicky lol i can still taste it now good job my better half isn't here hehe {the fumes would knock him out for sure!}

My Nsv was as i was walking down to the school this morning a lady i have seen on many an occasion but not chatted to said " Can i just say- You have done sooo well you can really really see such a big difference in you. You are looking really good."
All i could muster was a " ahh thankyou! " I find such comments both boosting and embarrasing!
Then i scurried off kids in tow to school..........before going to my meeting!

I have decided that i want something to commemorate my hard work in losing weight lots on the ww forum mention i do like a bangle or 2 myself lol so i have had a look and found A bracelet i would like to signify my loss!
It looks quite strong and is actually the cheapest one - i prefer the fastener on it thats all. I will get myself a charm for every 7lb lost which means if and when i get one i owe myself 11 beads already. 
I actually walked to the school this afternoon and then home again..was absolutely freezing i hope we don't get any more snow!!
I don't think i will get a sitter either so i will be doing an excercise dvd and my wii workout straight after the other!! 
So for now i am going to get the kids sorted with reading etc then bath and bed for them ready for me at 7pm to get a sweat on!!
Cyas Kel~x~

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Well here i am again.........

Back with a PLAN as promised!!!
I have planned my food for monday so far will do the rest tonight and i aim to blog every day and report my menu......1- to encourage me to blog and 2- keep myslef motivated!!

I have planned my excercise regime however it is as follows:

Monday: Wii 45mins & 30 mins Ex Dvd or Swimming if i can get a sitter.
Tuesday: Wii 45mins, Gym 30 mins.
Wednesday: Wii 45mins, Gym 30mins.
Thursday: Wii 45mins & Swimming or Ex Dvd if i can't get sitter.
Friday: Wii 45mins, Gym 30mins.
Saturday: Wii 45mins, Gym 30mins.
Sunday:Wii 45 mins plus either a long walk/swimming with the kids.
{might be hard by myself}.

On top of that i am going to try and walk as much as i possibly can weather permitting.
I do have my brother coming to stay from saturday coming though so it might be a little tricky or even easier with sitters etc, so we will see how it goes every night i will report what exactly i have done.
Monday's menu will be :-

After weigh in{brekkie} - 100g Grapes/Go ahead Oat cake = 2.5pt
Lunch - Tesco sarnie/a pkt of ww crisp bakes & an Apple = 6.5pt
Dinner - Garlic chicken & pasta/side salad, ww ice cream pud = 10pt
Leaving me with 3pts for a treat or to save.

Sounds ok in theory let's hope it pays off next weigh in!!

See you tomorrow with my next installment of my weekly food diary!

Kelly xx

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Not Feeling It.........think i need a PLAN!

Hi guys, 
I feel like i have been neglecting my blog ever so slightly. I have been logging on looking at it then off again i just can't seem to find what to write........
But today i am determined to write somthing. As i havent blogged since the 13th January and this is ment to help me through my journey whilst losing weight. 

I haven't been going to the gym as religiously as i had been,  since they closed over xmas - which is appalling i really need to make some plans and stick to them!!! I have been just not the 4-5 i used to just odd ones here and there.
I had planned to do alot on my last blog but not much of it materialized.......lost a little motivation and the cold weather doesnt really help much - who am i kidding just me making excuses.

So today and tomorrow i am intending to PLAN my Week ahead....My weigh in is Monday morning and to be honest i think i will be lucky to get a STS result. I desperately want to be in the 13 stone bracket for my 30th in 5 weeks time - I currently weigh 14~7.5 { I deteste those bloomin half's LOL }.
So i figure with 5 weigh in's to go if i aim for 2lb a week i can possibly just make it IF i pull my finger out and PLAN PLAN PLAN!!!
Does anyone else think it is asking to much to manage that kind of loss???

Hope i can do it, I have a couple of night's out planned for my birthday one with my friends and family we are going out dressed as school girls lol........Well i have never been one for dressing up whilst being alot bigger so thought i felt confident enough to do it now...ha ha should be a scream i will post a cple of pics!
The second one is slightly more reserved and is with the mums from my daughter's school, we are going for a meal then bowling! Quite often a night out is organised within the group so it's nice to do that for somthing different. I don't know what i will wear for that as i would of liked it to be a dress but with going bowling id look rather fetching in a dress and socks with bowling shoes lol...........not a great look i feel!

I just realised i would of been having my 2nd asessment at the gym in 3rd week of feb if i had of been going regularly as before now i don't know when it will be.........its every ten weeks completed on your members card so i will work it out tomorrow as i AM going to the gym. It is arranged with my Mum to watch Lucy,  whilst my Dad takes Sophie & Katie over the local fields to learn to ride there bikes........Once they can, i will go biking with them. Have only used my bike twice to the annoyance of Colin {my Bf}, but i WILL start using it more!!
I am off now as i am starting to waffle i will be back shortly with  my plan though if not tonight it will be tomorrow ........Watch this space!
ttfn Kelly xx

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Where has the time gone........

Well i havent blogged since the 6th of that time all i have seen is snow snow oh and more snow lol.

I had my 1st official Weigh in of the new year on monday morning and am VERY VERY happy to report beyond my wildest expectations a 4lb loss!!!!
Takes me nicely to 14st 6lb and i got that *silver 7* i previously mentioned. I also got a turquoise gem as a token from my leader. :0)
4lb away from my next watch this space. I was looking at my losses and in 15 months i have lost 82lb {5st 11lb}.......averages about 5.5lb a month. Which i have to say makes me smile whenever i think about it, am very happy about it - Ecstatic infact!!
I havent been to the gym since last blog that is until today, boy did i feel it have a feeling i will be hurting tomorrow.I want to get my 4 sessions in before next weigh day so instead of going swimming as i planned on a thursday i will go to the gym again and then go to gym on saturday and sunday aswell.

Excercise wise i have done since Monday:
30 mins wii {mon}
45 mins wii {tues}
45 mins wii & 30 mins gym {wed}

Then i hope to do: 30mins gym sesh & 30 mins wii {thurs}
                           45mins wii {fri}
                           30 mins gym & 30 mins wii {sat}
                           30 mins gym & 30mins wii {sun} = 6hrs 15 mins

Which actually looks really good on paper but wether i do it is a different story, best i kick myself up the bum!!!

I help out at the new meeting i attend and i actually really enjoyed it, i am taking people's fee's which was a little daunting at first but i soon got into it although i was being shown the ropes this week. Next week i am just thrown in at the deep end!!! Ohhhh i do LOVE a challenge haha!

Thought i would add some pics of i took on my journey of taking the kids to school one day, the views where beautiful!!

Although now it has to be said i have had more than enough of it!!! Wish it would just gooooooo. It is stopping me seeing my Gorgeous Boyfriend Colin xxxx

Have also included a picture below of the frozen yoghurt i had on the 6th -

Tastes Lovely!!! Yummy............... Haha!
Well that's all from me tonight will post again tomorrow..........Be good!
Kelly xx

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Oh what a day -

Well i woke up and got greeted by the snow.......GREAT!!
SO thought right i am going to attempt to walk to school this morning.......i got everyone ready was just about to set off when it was declared - SCHOOL CLOSED! I knew the weather must be bad because the headmaster never shuts the school because of a 'little snow'. So kids got re-dressed and went and played outside for a bit whilst i had a potter about the house. It then dawned upon me i was ment to be taking my cousin to lunch today as a birthday treat........So that in turn was CANCELLED, then i had a notion that my gym would be CLOSED too.........Yup! then i get an email from my ww leader informing me that the meeting for tonight is also CANCELLED!!!

It is now official - I HATE SNOW!!

It is completely ruining my plans for excercise and because it is cold making me wantto eat all the kinds of stuff that i shouldn't, i say want because i actually havent eaten anything naughty today, and am well on track as of 3.30pm {as i type} i have only eaten 8.5/24 points.
So far i have had:

*2 nimble bread toasted= 2pts,
*Cup of soup and 2 slices bread = 3pts, Pkt of light choice crisps= 1pt, 1 x Apple = 0.5pt,
*Approx 6 Lf pretzels and 1 x Malted milk bickie = 2 pts

Which leaves me with 15.5 points for rest of the day........... havent planned dinner for tonight as yet think i may go and do it now.......then come back to blogging in a mo.
ttfn x

I have planned the rest of my points for this evening...and did myself a home weigh in obviously its unofficial but wanted to see how i had faired.

Any way my points allowance is allocated as:
*WW chicken and mushroom pie, with swede and carrot mash, sprouts and gravy = 8.5
*Frozen yoghurt with rasperries 56g and sugar free jelly = 1.5pts
*2 x Clementines = 0.5 pts

If still hungry i'll have 30g of special k and orange top milk 1/4 pint = 2.5

Which still leaves me with  2.5 points if i have the cereal if not it will leave me 5 points.
If i dont have it and seen as you are not ment to save more than 4 pts i will have a hot choc before bed!
There food diary complete................oh and eaten main meal too!
Def reccomend the WW pies by the way this is first time i tried them and to be honest taste just like a birdseye one. It's not something i ate lots of 'pastry' before my ww days......however off late i have been craving it. I hope it's more to do with the current weather and comfort food as i dont really want to make a habit of eating lots of it......... having said that i am having a ww quiche for lunch tomorrow with some baked beans lol
Well as i previously mentioned i weighed myself tonight at home and i had lost 1lb........Yay!

Making me 14st 9lb!! if i had of been at proper weigh in i would of got my next *silver 7* making it 4st in a year at Weight Watchers!

What a great way to end my year, am starting a new meeting as of Monday though so as this weigh in isn't official i hope to keep it off and more for my first weigh in of the NEW YEAR, NEW MEETING.

I'm More Than Ready For You 2010- Bring it on!

Kelly x

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Oh my days.......

Well since my lil after weigh in treat i have been actually quite bad i dont understand what is wrong with me..........Oh yes i do - I'M A FAT GREEDY PIG!!!

I have had meal out at beefeater on new year's day, then a chinese one night for tea ~ admittedly not what i would normally dive into but still hardly good for a supposed WEIGHT WATCHER!

I know its my own doing.......i am doing the shovelling but hardly good when those around you are doing it in front of you and not considering you really atall.
My boyfriend and me seem to have swapped roles he used to be quite lean and healthy-ish offering me some really good advice as he had lost a fair chunk of weight before we had go together.....but recently it has become apparent to me that he is still verbally encouraging me but not so enthusiastically and 'Pigging out' on junk which he himself would admit to - i find it hard to resist doing the same at times although i do try...........I JUST CAN'T ALWAYS DO IT!

I have my last Wednesday weigh in tomorrow as i am changing to a Monday morning one of which i am helping out with.......taking the fee's!
So i started afresh Monday just gone so i may limit some damage by tomorrow BUT i doubt it will be by much .........However i SHALL have a good loss by my FIRST Monday weigh in on 11th.{ I guess you could say my starting a fresh year weight!}

Not had a bad couple of days on track ...........i say on track i mean within points......still to pick more healthy choices but getting there slowly but surely!
I have really upped my excercise though back at the gym now and have done 2 sessions so far was ment to go tonight but sensed that my mum didn't really want to mind the girls whilst i went so decided i wouldn't go. Not fair of me to burden my family with them so often.
However i did spend the last of my xmas money some clothes AND i bought myself yet another wii fitness game lol .............this one is my shape with the lil web cam thingy. I think i have about 6 wii fit/health related games now!
Ooops maybe i should dust them off and alternate doing a cpl of these a day aswell as the gym to increase my losses????? Oh if only there were enough hours in the day............
Right well i will be back tomorrow to let you know how i get on at weigh in - Not holding my hopes for anything amazing tho!

Night peeps! x