Thursday, 31 December 2009

Weigh in RESULT!

Went to weigh in and had actually managed a STS this week!
Am very happy with that..........although i came back from weigh in and had pizza from pizza hut...but i always have a treat after weigh in. lol
I can now draw a line under that week and crack on with the year ahead!!!

Got myself some low fat brown bread and skimmed milk in to restart today on the best start possible i think i seriously need to sit and plan my meals ahead i had a really good loss when i did that before. 
Had my brekkie had some weetabix with skimmed milk and a tsp of sugar...i can do with not having semi milk but not sugar too one or the other, although i do usually use sweetner but i have run out.......used it all in my chutney over xmas lol.
Also got myself a Ugo panini at the is a chicken and mozarella one with a olive tapenade but the bread is a tom & herb type.........looks lush just not to sure if olives are for me!!!
Works out at 5.5 points for it so not to bad really. Fill up on a salad aswell will do me for  lunch one day. Will let you know how it tastes..............

The weather outside looks horrible wet n cold to be precise..........the good thing is i have my lovely man here to celebrate new year with. Not sure if we are going out or anything as yet either way it will be lovely.......just cuddling up on the sofa is nice with Col can't beat that feeling of safety in his grasp.......Mmmmmm am very lucky!! :0)

Right, before my thoughts drift off to how happy i am these days...............i would like to wish everyone a VERY happy new year, hope 2010 brings you all what you wish for and so much more!!
Now i am off to go on the wii fit for a good half hour then get dressed......that's if i dont get way layed into crawling back into bed with my good man lol !
Have a good one guys........see you in 2010........happy ,healthy and hopefully thinner!!
Kelly x

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Time for an update.........

well i havent been motivated in my thoughts as to what to mention off late or rather how to word it. I have had a good stint at the gym although it has been shut since 23rd Nov and doesn't reopen until 2nd Jan, so in that time my excercise has been pretty non existent.......cant even seem to clock up 1 BP let alone 1/2 of one on my pedometer at the moment. Think the bad snow and icy weather we have had may have been a major contributing factor............although that said i'm not entirely sure that it has been picking up my steps properly because my waist band had become a tad loose i have bought myself some new trousers now so fingers crossed all is well if not i shall buy one of the new pedometers i seen advertised on my monthly pass leaflet.
Oh yes......I had my 1st assessment at the gym on the 27th Nov my results are below:
                                Was:                                      Now:                         Diff:

Bust                     41 1/4"                                      41 "                            - 1/4"

Waist                   39"                                            37"                              - 2"

Abdomen            52"                                            49"                              - 3"

Hips                     51.5"                                         50"                              -1.5"

R thigh                30"                                           29"                               - 1"

L thigh                30.5                                          29.5"                            -1"

R arm                 18 1/4"                                     18"                               - 1"

L arm                  18.5"                                        18"                               - 1"

Total loss in 10 Weeks: 9.5 "..........................Fantastic!!!

      I weighed 15st 1lb at start but weighed 14st 13 at my Assessment..........should of been more but went on holday and put a fair whack on onlt to lose it again. So all in all i was very pleased not as good as a lady on a previous post but still a fair out come for me. So now i am ready to knuckle down as the new year approaches.
I recently got into a new size bottoms of which makes me roughly the same all over  size18!!!!

I currently weigh 14 st 10 lb : 1 lb away from a 4 stone loss at ww, but 5st 8lb loss in total.

I have weigh in , in a cpl of hours first one after crimbo..................will do well to have maintained but expect to have probably put on 1lb or so. Which is very minimal as i havent really splurged as much i could of will update with my loss later!
Am setting myself some mini goals 1 of which will be to be in 13's by my 30th Birthday 2nd March, aim to do this by excercising loads and being sensible with my food choices.......... the rest i will list individually in the margin!

So then 2010 is fast approaching i have been thinking about what i would like to achieve:
* Get to goal..........9st 11lb 
* Find myself a job
* Keep going and enjoying the gym at least 4 times a week
* To use my wii fit games more
* Walk and get more socially active

Well that's all for now.........catch ya in a bit!
Kelly x