Monday, 1 February 2010

Weigh in & NSV.........

I woke up pretty early this morning even managed to straighten my hair and despite knowing i was going to gain maybe 1/2 - 1 lb i was feeling pretty motivated.
Well i got to weigh in and asked to be weighed before hand as opposed to after the meeting {as i am a clerk} i actually put on 1.5 lb :-( 
I didn't expect it to be that much BUT it has been my own fault - Gone over points most days and not excercised hardly atall!

So i draw a line under that and now weighing 14st 9lb i need to really knuckle down if i want to get to my goal of being in the 13's for my birthday, Which to be fair looks bleak now 10lb in 4 weigh ins??? Not likely is it?
I will however do my best, i have stuck to my meal plan so far with exception of a milky way and a bread roll with my i should just still be within my points as i havent had my dessert yet! 
I have to say it was lush but very garlicky lol i can still taste it now good job my better half isn't here hehe {the fumes would knock him out for sure!}

My Nsv was as i was walking down to the school this morning a lady i have seen on many an occasion but not chatted to said " Can i just say- You have done sooo well you can really really see such a big difference in you. You are looking really good."
All i could muster was a " ahh thankyou! " I find such comments both boosting and embarrasing!
Then i scurried off kids in tow to school..........before going to my meeting!

I have decided that i want something to commemorate my hard work in losing weight lots on the ww forum mention i do like a bangle or 2 myself lol so i have had a look and found A bracelet i would like to signify my loss!
It looks quite strong and is actually the cheapest one - i prefer the fastener on it thats all. I will get myself a charm for every 7lb lost which means if and when i get one i owe myself 11 beads already. 
I actually walked to the school this afternoon and then home again..was absolutely freezing i hope we don't get any more snow!!
I don't think i will get a sitter either so i will be doing an excercise dvd and my wii workout straight after the other!! 
So for now i am going to get the kids sorted with reading etc then bath and bed for them ready for me at 7pm to get a sweat on!!
Cyas Kel~x~


  1. Nice bracelet :o) Sorry about the gain but I reckon you'll be sorted again by next week. Can I just say that you are so pretty in the photo at the top of your blog!

  2. i've seen the charm braclet idea mentioned on the WW boards a few times and thought that it was a good idea. chin up you'll lose that gain in no time i'm sure