Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Where has the time gone........

Well i havent blogged since the 6th of that time all i have seen is snow snow oh and more snow lol.

I had my 1st official Weigh in of the new year on monday morning and am VERY VERY happy to report beyond my wildest expectations a 4lb loss!!!!
Takes me nicely to 14st 6lb and i got that *silver 7* i previously mentioned. I also got a turquoise gem as a token from my leader. :0)
4lb away from my next watch this space. I was looking at my losses and in 15 months i have lost 82lb {5st 11lb}.......averages about 5.5lb a month. Which i have to say makes me smile whenever i think about it, am very happy about it - Ecstatic infact!!
I havent been to the gym since last blog that is until today, boy did i feel it have a feeling i will be hurting tomorrow.I want to get my 4 sessions in before next weigh day so instead of going swimming as i planned on a thursday i will go to the gym again and then go to gym on saturday and sunday aswell.

Excercise wise i have done since Monday:
30 mins wii {mon}
45 mins wii {tues}
45 mins wii & 30 mins gym {wed}

Then i hope to do: 30mins gym sesh & 30 mins wii {thurs}
                           45mins wii {fri}
                           30 mins gym & 30 mins wii {sat}
                           30 mins gym & 30mins wii {sun} = 6hrs 15 mins

Which actually looks really good on paper but wether i do it is a different story, best i kick myself up the bum!!!

I help out at the new meeting i attend and i actually really enjoyed it, i am taking people's fee's which was a little daunting at first but i soon got into it although i was being shown the ropes this week. Next week i am just thrown in at the deep end!!! Ohhhh i do LOVE a challenge haha!

Thought i would add some pics of i took on my journey of taking the kids to school one day, the views where beautiful!!

Although now it has to be said i have had more than enough of it!!! Wish it would just gooooooo. It is stopping me seeing my Gorgeous Boyfriend Colin xxxx

Have also included a picture below of the frozen yoghurt i had on the 6th -

Tastes Lovely!!! Yummy............... Haha!
Well that's all from me tonight will post again tomorrow..........Be good!
Kelly xx


  1. Well done on your loss, I bet you feel great. I love the pictures and you're right the view is beautiful xx

  2. Thanks Clare, I do feel pretty good another 66lb to go but at least im over half way there now!!
    Here's hoping that we can both get good results this year! xx

    Cheers Paul! Good luck to you also and Happy New Year to you both! x

  3. oh wow, what a fantastic loss. Well done x