Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Oh my days.......

Well since my lil after weigh in treat i have been actually quite bad i dont understand what is wrong with me..........Oh yes i do - I'M A FAT GREEDY PIG!!!

I have had meal out at beefeater on new year's day, then a chinese one night for tea ~ admittedly not what i would normally dive into but still hardly good for a supposed WEIGHT WATCHER!

I know its my own doing.......i am doing the shovelling but hardly good when those around you are doing it in front of you and not considering you really atall.
My boyfriend and me seem to have swapped roles he used to be quite lean and healthy-ish offering me some really good advice as he had lost a fair chunk of weight before we had go together.....but recently it has become apparent to me that he is still verbally encouraging me but not so enthusiastically and 'Pigging out' on junk which he himself would admit to - i find it hard to resist doing the same at times although i do try...........I JUST CAN'T ALWAYS DO IT!

I have my last Wednesday weigh in tomorrow as i am changing to a Monday morning one of which i am helping out with.......taking the fee's!
So i started afresh Monday just gone so i may limit some damage by tomorrow BUT i doubt it will be by much .........However i SHALL have a good loss by my FIRST Monday weigh in on 11th.{ I guess you could say my starting a fresh year weight!}

Not had a bad couple of days on track ...........i say on track i mean within points......still to pick more healthy choices but getting there slowly but surely!
I have really upped my excercise though back at the gym now and have done 2 sessions so far was ment to go tonight but sensed that my mum didn't really want to mind the girls whilst i went so decided i wouldn't go. Not fair of me to burden my family with them so often.
However i did spend the last of my xmas money today......got some clothes AND i bought myself yet another wii fitness game lol .............this one is my shape with the lil web cam thingy. I think i have about 6 wii fit/health related games now!
Ooops maybe i should dust them off and alternate doing a cpl of these a day aswell as the gym to increase my losses????? Oh if only there were enough hours in the day............
Right well i will be back tomorrow to let you know how i get on at weigh in - Not holding my hopes for anything amazing tho!

Night peeps! x