Friday, 28 August 2009

Not feeling so great ..............

Well today is friday WAHOO!!!

Woke with a really bad headache probably due to not sleeping very well yet again, having trouble getting to sleep even though i am physically tired. I don't know why though not like i do anything that strenuous during the day really. Hope it isn't stress related though as i kno my damn skin will probably flare up {granuloma annulare}.

Prob a mixture of anxiousness/excitement.
My boyfriend has been so generous to me..... over the last few months especially.
Bought me a new leather suite, taking me on holiday in september & just brought me a new car. Have this over whelming feeling of undeservedness {if that is such a word}. :0(

The girls are going to stay with their Nana {EX's Mother!} tonight until tuesday morning..........So it will be just me and my bub at home til then. With it being Bank hol weekend bound to be something we can do. Might even get on with all this half finished decorating that i have LOL.

Going to collect my new car tomorrow ,will be nice to be able to get out and about again.With 3 kids it is a struggle sometimes especially with shopping..............and my girls are not the most obedient at times{most of the time LOL}!!!

Missing Colin like crazy these days wish there wasn't such a long distance between us. Would be able to see more of each other then........God dammit i feel like poo today!! :0(

Oh yes............had a sneeky peak earlier lil early i know considering was only weighed on wed night but says im in the 14's already!!! But we will see on wed last weigh in before kids go back to school, was aiming to lose a stone whilst on hols. I was 15.11 before broke up and am 'officially' 15.2 now so that is 9lb.......don't think i'll make that stone somehow LOL. 5lb is a lil to adventurous but if i get as close as possible is still pretty good going!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Accomplishments to date....

Well i had weigh in last night, Lost 2.5lb which took me to a total loss on ww of 49lb exactly ............oh how i do detest those half's but i guess every half counts! So that entitled me to another 
silver 7.......YAYYYYYY!!
Love em they make my card all pretty LOL . On an even brighter note it means i'm only 1lb away from getting my 50lb certificate. Also got my 5% sticker as i should of got it at 15.5 seemingly 3 weigh ins ago i didnt notice that either. Will get my 10% at 14.9 i think if i worked it out correctly. So that is in 7lb time,fingers crossed i can get it before my holiday on  22nd September. Will miss weigh in that week should be on the 23rd but will weigh in on 30th day after i return from Palma Nova...........Hopefully i will have lost im going to try and be really really good!!
At Least i WILL be in the 14's for my hol so im happy bout that  =0) 

Was a lil happy last night after weigh in....whilst being weighed and talking to carol {my leader}, mum piped up lighter than me now for the first time...........i just replied in a very long time!!!
Mum is 17st summat has been slightly lighter though, and for prob all my secondary school life i was heavier than her but not any more. I think she was slightly envious but happy for me aswell because she know's how hard i have worked!
I seem to be looking at my family members and trying to surpass there actual weight lol giving myself sneeky targets thats the competetiveness in me creeping out LOL. 
Have so far caught up with and run past.......:
My Aunt {19st ish}
Cousin Emma  {18st ish}
Mum {17st ish}
Brother {16st ish}
Step-dad {Late 15st ish}
Next in line is my Nan & Cousin Gemma {although she is watching what she eats} think they are in early 15's & mid 14's.
In case you hadn't noticed majority of my family is either overweight or obese think it is a mixture of lifestyle and Family Gene's thanks grundy LOL .

Bring it on i say................ haha sorry so motivated at the moment hope it lasts! x

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The dress i'm going to be wearing in july 2010 for my brothers wedding also in that colour too. {girl on far left} Although i believe {hope} i'll have a shawl aswell!!
Eeeek, that is scary my stomach and bottom are gonna need some serious work!!!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

My Photo's.....

The point at which hopefully i will be at GOAL!!!!!

Wedding Countdowns
46 weigh ins til the wedding as of 2nd sept!!
Should have lost between 46 and 92 lb {3st 4 & 6st 8}. EEEK sounds loads :0(

My count down to hopefully a VERY happy me............

MySpace Countdown Clocks
28 weigh ins til im 30 as of 26th August.
Aiming to lose a minimum of 30 lb by then.
Realistically i should of lost between 28 - 56 lb {2st- 4st}
That's between 1-2 lb a week.
Fully achieveable i think...................well the clock is ticking!!!