Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Oh what a day -

Well i woke up and got greeted by the snow.......GREAT!!
SO thought right i am going to attempt to walk to school this morning.......i got everyone ready was just about to set off when it was declared - SCHOOL CLOSED! I knew the weather must be bad because the headmaster never shuts the school because of a 'little snow'. So kids got re-dressed and went and played outside for a bit whilst i had a potter about the house. It then dawned upon me i was ment to be taking my cousin to lunch today as a birthday treat........So that in turn was CANCELLED, then i had a notion that my gym would be CLOSED too.........Yup! then i get an email from my ww leader informing me that the meeting for tonight is also CANCELLED!!!

It is now official - I HATE SNOW!!

It is completely ruining my plans for excercise and because it is cold making me wantto eat all the kinds of stuff that i shouldn't, i say want because i actually havent eaten anything naughty today, and am well on track as of 3.30pm {as i type} i have only eaten 8.5/24 points.
So far i have had:

*2 nimble bread toasted= 2pts,
*Cup of soup and 2 slices bread = 3pts, Pkt of light choice crisps= 1pt, 1 x Apple = 0.5pt,
*Approx 6 Lf pretzels and 1 x Malted milk bickie = 2 pts

Which leaves me with 15.5 points for rest of the day........... havent planned dinner for tonight as yet think i may go and do it now.......then come back to blogging in a mo.
ttfn x

I have planned the rest of my points for this evening...and did myself a home weigh in obviously its unofficial but wanted to see how i had faired.

Any way my points allowance is allocated as:
*WW chicken and mushroom pie, with swede and carrot mash, sprouts and gravy = 8.5
*Frozen yoghurt with rasperries 56g and sugar free jelly = 1.5pts
*2 x Clementines = 0.5 pts

If still hungry i'll have 30g of special k and orange top milk 1/4 pint = 2.5

Which still leaves me with  2.5 points if i have the cereal if not it will leave me 5 points.
If i dont have it and seen as you are not ment to save more than 4 pts i will have a hot choc before bed!
There food diary complete................oh and eaten main meal too!
Def reccomend the WW pies by the way this is first time i tried them and to be honest taste just like a birdseye one. It's not something i ate lots of 'pastry' before my ww days......however off late i have been craving it. I hope it's more to do with the current weather and comfort food as i dont really want to make a habit of eating lots of it......... having said that i am having a ww quiche for lunch tomorrow with some baked beans lol
Well as i previously mentioned i weighed myself tonight at home and i had lost 1lb........Yay!

Making me 14st 9lb!! if i had of been at proper weigh in i would of got my next *silver 7* making it 4st in a year at Weight Watchers!

What a great way to end my year, am starting a new meeting as of Monday though so as this weigh in isn't official i hope to keep it off and more for my first weigh in of the NEW YEAR, NEW MEETING.

I'm More Than Ready For You 2010- Bring it on!

Kelly x


  1. Well done for staying on track and not eating all the kids stuff :-)

    Those WW pies are fantastic, I had one last night (Chicken & Mushroom) with veg and potatoe. I love pies and really missed having them so they are also a life xx

  2. WW does pies?! That's brilliant, I'll keep my eyes peeled for that one.

    Hope your WI goes well on Monday. x

    P.S. - I'm bored of the snow too now. I look so silly when I walk. Not graceful at all!