Sunday, 31 January 2010

Well here i am again.........

Back with a PLAN as promised!!!
I have planned my food for monday so far will do the rest tonight and i aim to blog every day and report my menu......1- to encourage me to blog and 2- keep myslef motivated!!

I have planned my excercise regime however it is as follows:

Monday: Wii 45mins & 30 mins Ex Dvd or Swimming if i can get a sitter.
Tuesday: Wii 45mins, Gym 30 mins.
Wednesday: Wii 45mins, Gym 30mins.
Thursday: Wii 45mins & Swimming or Ex Dvd if i can't get sitter.
Friday: Wii 45mins, Gym 30mins.
Saturday: Wii 45mins, Gym 30mins.
Sunday:Wii 45 mins plus either a long walk/swimming with the kids.
{might be hard by myself}.

On top of that i am going to try and walk as much as i possibly can weather permitting.
I do have my brother coming to stay from saturday coming though so it might be a little tricky or even easier with sitters etc, so we will see how it goes every night i will report what exactly i have done.
Monday's menu will be :-

After weigh in{brekkie} - 100g Grapes/Go ahead Oat cake = 2.5pt
Lunch - Tesco sarnie/a pkt of ww crisp bakes & an Apple = 6.5pt
Dinner - Garlic chicken & pasta/side salad, ww ice cream pud = 10pt
Leaving me with 3pts for a treat or to save.

Sounds ok in theory let's hope it pays off next weigh in!!

See you tomorrow with my next installment of my weekly food diary!

Kelly xx

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