Saturday, 30 January 2010

Not Feeling It.........think i need a PLAN!

Hi guys, 
I feel like i have been neglecting my blog ever so slightly. I have been logging on looking at it then off again i just can't seem to find what to write........
But today i am determined to write somthing. As i havent blogged since the 13th January and this is ment to help me through my journey whilst losing weight. 

I haven't been going to the gym as religiously as i had been,  since they closed over xmas - which is appalling i really need to make some plans and stick to them!!! I have been just not the 4-5 i used to just odd ones here and there.
I had planned to do alot on my last blog but not much of it materialized.......lost a little motivation and the cold weather doesnt really help much - who am i kidding just me making excuses.

So today and tomorrow i am intending to PLAN my Week ahead....My weigh in is Monday morning and to be honest i think i will be lucky to get a STS result. I desperately want to be in the 13 stone bracket for my 30th in 5 weeks time - I currently weigh 14~7.5 { I deteste those bloomin half's LOL }.
So i figure with 5 weigh in's to go if i aim for 2lb a week i can possibly just make it IF i pull my finger out and PLAN PLAN PLAN!!!
Does anyone else think it is asking to much to manage that kind of loss???

Hope i can do it, I have a couple of night's out planned for my birthday one with my friends and family we are going out dressed as school girls lol........Well i have never been one for dressing up whilst being alot bigger so thought i felt confident enough to do it now...ha ha should be a scream i will post a cple of pics!
The second one is slightly more reserved and is with the mums from my daughter's school, we are going for a meal then bowling! Quite often a night out is organised within the group so it's nice to do that for somthing different. I don't know what i will wear for that as i would of liked it to be a dress but with going bowling id look rather fetching in a dress and socks with bowling shoes lol...........not a great look i feel!

I just realised i would of been having my 2nd asessment at the gym in 3rd week of feb if i had of been going regularly as before now i don't know when it will be.........its every ten weeks completed on your members card so i will work it out tomorrow as i AM going to the gym. It is arranged with my Mum to watch Lucy,  whilst my Dad takes Sophie & Katie over the local fields to learn to ride there bikes........Once they can, i will go biking with them. Have only used my bike twice to the annoyance of Colin {my Bf}, but i WILL start using it more!!
I am off now as i am starting to waffle i will be back shortly with  my plan though if not tonight it will be tomorrow ........Watch this space!
ttfn Kelly xx


  1. I think aiming to be in the 13's in time for your 30th birthday 2nd March is just about dooable. You've done fantastically well so far. I'm going to a wedding in 10 weeks and hope to be in the 13's by then. I've got 13lbs to lose. I'd never noticed that I started off at a very similar weight to you. I'm thinking about joining the gym, but I'm a bit affraid. The weather will hopefully start to improve soon and the nights will start to get longer. I find it easier to exercise then. Maybe you will to xxx

  2. Thanks Karon, i do hope so but judging by my sneaky peek this am - it doesn't look so good! I bet you will get into the 13's for your special unlike me you are full of motivation at the moment.
    Deffo worth joining the gym tho.......i love mine when i do atually get there, i go to a ladies only one at the mo tho in september when it needs renewal i might try a proper gym out i say might lol
    Here's hoping the weather does get better, either way im sure it WILL turn out ok in the end! Good luck with your next 10 weeks and beyond hunni! xxx