Sunday, 18 January 2009

This is me on the train back from london. Me and my boyfriend had been to london with friends for new year. It was a really good experience. Even the rush to get the train home was eventful and no doubt kick started my weightloss..............

Update of my progress :0) xx

Well i thought i best update you all on my progress. I joined weightwatchers meeting on the 7th of January my weight being.....18st 9lb.

I wasn't best pleased because i had managed to get my weight down to 18st 4lb but i'd put 5lb back on. My only guess is because i knew i was joining ww that i let myself slide a lil bit.
My next weigh in was on the following wednesday 14th .....18st 3lb.
Yay!!! i lost 6lb.....however i was ill that week so wasn't taking advantage of all my points.

This week im due my period & from what i can make out most people stay the same or put on during his time :(
I hope this isn't the case for me i know i'll get a lil bit disheartened if so.
I have got a busy next few weeks.......i am movng house & have my driving test to contend with on the 28th of this month. I really hope i pass have so many plans riding on it.....namely going swimming in the day/evenings to boost my weight loss. Just a better quality of life all round really for me & the ones i love.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

First posting!!!

Well this is my first posting so i'll try not to bore you.

Had a fairly good day today. Not been that hungry though as i went out to celebrate my cousin's birthday last night so have a bit of a icky tum today. Self inflictedso i don't expect much sympathy. I got in at 4am which i havent ever done before but was good fun all the same. Never really been the party animal more the stay at home & have a drink type with take away etc etc. But that is no more............ new year new me!! Fingers crossed i can keep it up. In my heart i know i can.