Monday, 14 June 2010

Well i'm backkkkkkkkkkkk....................

After struggling for what seems like eternity i seem to have my groove back. I have had a succession of losses with no gains for at least 4-5 weeks!!!

I have been very lapse in my dieting/excercise/blogging. However i am back and feeling refreshed, ready to battle this bulge AGAIN~ Whilst i havent given up at any stage i have not been as good as i could of been.

I did the midnight walk, managed to raise £132 for St.Helena Hospice, finished it in 2hrs 33 mins which i am very pleased about and will most definitly be doing it again next year!
Very proud of myself for doing at as this time last year i wouldn't of even contemplated doing it.
I did it with Claire and Laura a couple of the mums from my daughters school, wish id of got a picture to put on here but i wanted to travel light.... haha.

I am not doing so bad on the weight front either had my weigh in today and am finally near the end of the dreaded 14's ............currently weighing 14st 0.5lb.........Soooo close i can taste it!

Next week will definitly be my week, Sarah my leader is on holiday for 2 weeks so we have a replacement leader for that time called Kirsty!
It is my aim to be well into the 13's before Sarah returns possibly even get my next Silver 7.........5.5lb away???
We will see eh?!?!

I think i will list some upcoming mile stones for me see how long it takes me to achieve them:

1~1lb til next stone bracket {NOT BEFORE TIME}.
2~10.5 lb til my 75lb loss cert & 35.5 lb til 100lb loss cert with WW.
3~5.5 lb til next Silver 7 {13.9}
4~13.11 = 6.5 st loss
5~13.4= 7 st loss
6~13.2= Silver 7
7~12.11= 7.5st loss
8~12.9= Silver 7
9~12.4= 8st loss
10~12.2= Silver 7
11~11.11= 8.5st loss
12~11.9= Silver 7
13~11.4= 9st loss
14~11.2= Silver 7
15~10.11= 9.5st loss
16~10.9= Silver 7
17~10.4=10st loss
18~10.2= Silver 7
19~9.11=10.5st loss
20~9.9= Silver 7 & GOAL!!!!!!!!

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