Saturday, 21 November 2009

Really Motivated at the moment....

Well i havent had the greatest of weeks, after my weigh in on Wednesday i had to go to the doctors on an emergency appointment as i was having really bad pains down below and could feel a rather unpleasant bulge.....:0(  

Found out i had a bad U.T.I and a possible womb prolapse!!!! So have been worrying about it all week the stress is showing as i have been neglecting myself a little and my skin irritation has reared its ugly head!!! Had to make another appt for Thursday just gone as it was t.o.t.m before. Doctor gave me an examination and said it is likely to be a very slight prolapse which often occurs after women have children apparently. So i was pleased it wasn't anything more serious. So been on antibiotics for that and generally feeling down. 

Any ways i got weighed on Wednesday and amazingly to me i lost 1 lb. I am chuffed to bits as that means i am now in the 14's {officially}. 13.5 lb to go to get into the 13's.........and 4 lb til my next silver 7. =0)

Had some really good n.s.v's aswell on friday i went crimbo shopping to spend some money my parents gave me i was determined not to go to evans and i didn't........i went to Dorothy Perkins and got a lovely Purple dressy top for £4!!! Best of all in a size 16.........Yes Yes Yes!!!

Than later the same day at the gym, a lady commented to me how i had lost a lot of weight since she had seen me a few weeks ago and i was looking more toned too. I don't know this lady from adam so it was lovely to know that my loss is showing. i was how ever quite embarrassed by her comment and just managed to reply ohhh, thankyou. I said after to my cousin blimey i didnt know people looked at me. lol. Sounds daft but i thought people concentrated on doing there circuit not me. Obviously i was wrong but it was lovely to hear all the same. =0) 

I went to the gym again today had my usual Saturday sneeky peak.......Seemingly have lost 2lb!!! {14.11}
Yet again i will have to work hard to keep that loss or acheive more.......would be great if i lost 4 lb for my next silver which would be 4 stone loss with ww but 5st 9lb in all!!!

Fingers crossed i lose atall lol

Any ways am off now will be putting a couple of new pics on later or maybe tomorrow. 

Kelly x

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