Thursday, 12 November 2009

Go me.....Woohooooo!

Well i had my weigh in last night am VERY pleased to report a 5lb LOSS!!!!

I am over the moon as i knew id lost a lil but not 5lb :0)........Made my night becuase it means i have finally shifted all my holday weight plus a lil more. 
I am now 15 stone exactly!
Woop Woop! 
I think this planning ahea malarky is good motivation plus the 1 sneeky peak at the gym on a saturday. Definatley fully motivated now. I am aiming to lose another 14 lb by xmas. Which is 6 weigh ins away {23rd} so need a minimum of 2lb a week really to get 12lbs 14 is going to be a big push!

To be 14 stone by xmas would be great, then i look forward to the next challenge my 30th when i would like to be at least in the 12's!!! 

Bring it on!!!


  1. That's fantastic news, you're well on your way! xx

  2. WOW, what a fantastic weight loss. That's such an achievement. You've done amazingly well. When are you going to be 30?
    I started my journey in January with my 40th birthday as a focus. It's not until July 2010 and I'm well on the way. I'm hoping to be half way there by early next year.
    Good luck with your journey Kelly. You sound very focused x

  3. Thanks guys, I am 30 on 2nd of march 2010, so need to work hard to achieve my goal. Lets hope i can manage it. =0) x