Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Feeling a little peeved.........:0(

I am feeling a little hacked off today, i have lots going on my life and just generally feel a little run down by it all.
The diet is going ok but at times i feel its all i have in life is a diet, i don't particularly have lots of friends who i can go and see for coffee & chim wags. Need to do more in my day i think.........SOCIALISE!!!!

I went to the gym this morning and another user was having her 1st asessment done, 1 of the instructors came out and announced that this lady had done really well.........i have to admit it is pretty amazing........She had lost 1 st 4lb and 19 3/4 inches from her body!!!
In 10 weeks aswell admittedly she isn't as big as me i think she now weighs 12 st 7 lb, any ways she to is doing weight watchers. I am feeling slightly dubious now as on friday i have my 1st asessment, whilst i think i can feel a difference i don't think it will be any where as near a good inch loss as this lady!
I know the weight loss doesn't even come close because i was 15 st 1lb when i began at the gym. Tomorrow is the key weigh in as to how much i have lost in 10 weeks.........bearing in mind i did go on hols and put on a fair chunk only to lose it again lol. I have only done my best though and aslong as i have lost some inches then i will be happy.......Just means now i have to work my ass off for my next assesment which i guess will be due around the first or second week of February which is important as it will not be long til me 30th then.....Eeeeeek i better knuckle down big time then!

1 last thing that im not impressed with......I went to my mum's today and seen this old album on the counter in the kitchen so i opened it up flicked through only to see this picture of my fat head next to my ex's all smiles and everything.....it made me feel so sick.The fact that i even married him, even now if i look at him for to long i feel physically sick...any ways i snatched the picture out of the album and tore it up in anger lol

Any way rant over will be back tomorrow with my weigh in results!!!

Kels x x

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