Saturday, 7 November 2009

A great time had............

Well i had an Ann summers party last night, it was quite a good laugh. Not many people came, actually non of my friends to be honest lol. Was just my mum, aunt, cousin, cousin's gf & 2 of mum's work mates!!!! 

But that said it was still a laugh. Just goes to show that i'm still not that popular even after leaving school Ha Ha!!! Ahhh well it's ok, the only true friend  a girl needs is her mum! :0) Love you Mum.x

I bought myself a red basque type thing usually costs about £45 but with my 10% discount i got it for £36.90. Got my eye on a purple one similar but as the organiser is a friend of mine she said she will get it for me at a lower price nearer xmas as it is being discontinued. Get in!!! Thanks for that Emma! x

Well i've had a fairly good few days since weigh in, didnt go to the gym last night due to the party so am going to go on sunday as well as today, to catch up on my 4 sessions a week. {Tues,Wed,Fri,Sat}. 
Am weighing myself at the gym today too, they weigh you once a week and i used to have it done on wed evening before weigh in, but i felt like i was cheating lol so i changed it to mid week {weigh in wise} so then i knew i would have to work harder for the rest of the week to lose by the following wednesday or to keep what i had lost off if any....................Does that make sense??? 

Any way my local Leisure centre has reopened its lane pools so as of next week i am going to start going there again stopped just before the 6 week hols as they where re-furbing the roof or somthing. So that will bump up my excercise plus i am going to up my wii gaming aswell. 
When i first started dieting i went on the wii every day for min of 45 mins i don't do that atall any more.  So going to make an extra effort to do that again. I have an array of wii excercising games so i dont really have any excuses.

Will report back later what the gym scales say although to date they have always been in line with the ww ones at my meeting!!!! 

So fingers crossed i've lost at least 1/2 lb lol Although i do hate those 1/2's :0) 

x x Kels x x

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