Saturday, 24 October 2009

Dear Blog.............

Firstly let me apologise for neglecting you for sooooo long, you are my support system and there for me when i need you. Which believe me i have done so many times off late.Sorry! x x

Well i thought after such a long time it might be a good idea to update my blog, i managed to get my 50lb certificate on the 16th September which i am VERY proud of. Been a long time coming but i got there in the end. It sits pride of place on my kitchen cupboard as a good deterent of how far i have come.
I also joined the local ladies only gym which i'm pleased about was a big step for me especially as i joined by myself didnt manage to blag any company in my family or friends......although now 1 of my cousins has now, after i informed her of how good it was. I love a lil competition LOL. Been going about 6 weeks now and really enjoying it. They took my measurements of certain areas too so when i have a reveiw in 4 weeks time i will see if i have lost any inches!!!!! {FINGERS CROSSED}.
I set myself a lil goal before my hols to try and be in the 14's before i went,well i went to palma nova on  22nd September and i weighed myself before i went.............
I was 14st 13lb!!!!! {unofficial weigh in.....last weigh in at ww was 15st 1 lb}.I was really pleased with that only just in but hey i did it!! Needless to say when i got weighed on the 30th Septemeber i weighed 15st 9.5 lb !!! 
Thus ruining my 50lb loss and getting into the 14's :0(

However i am to date 15st 5lb so 3 weeks after my holdays i have lost 4.5lb of that i gained ideally it could of been 6lb but i'm only human i guess. I am however determined to lose another 2lb minimum this week i do feel like im back on track though so hopfully i will see the results i'm striving for.

Have set myself a 2lb a week target so i can hopfully be 14st 1 lb by 23rd December as i want to wear a nice dress this christmas as i dont usually dress up, i get the girls looking lovely in pretty party frocks. I  just wear what ever i can find that looks smart but this year will be different!!!!


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  1. Well done on your weight loss so far, I bet you feel fantastic. Looking forward to seeing some pics of you in that dress for Christmas xx